10 : suck myself out the heart i give it back

a successful day at the Los Angeles Times Festival of Books

$2 used books (!!)

met a wonderful soul at Stranger Comics
finally got to see Niobe in print

excited for free comic book day so i can score myself a copy + poster


10 : suck myself out the heart i give it back

playful dna

interrupts itself

the steps we take to climb



after the book festival, i sat down to rearrange all the books in my totebag

next to me was a mother and her boyfriend and her son

walking across the way was a mother and her son

both boys were very young

the rambunctious one was climbing the stairs, the shy one curious

asked “wanna play?”

the boy ran to his mom. the other continued playing. it took a long time for the mother to agree.

“yeah!” the shy boy exclaimed
but by the time the shy boy came back the rambunctious boy was no longer playful and suddenly shy

everyone stood around awkwardly

it was the most heartbreaking event i’ve witnessed for days

but wait

it gets worse

they attempt to play. it’s awkward. no longer spontaneous. the mothers attempt to leave. they’re still trying, though, those boys. the shy one and his mother go but he tells the boy he’ll be back, they just have to move the car. only the mother with the boyfriend and her son remain. she says, lets go. he says, they’re coming back. they’re not coming back, the mother responds. they’re coming back, the boy says. they’re not coming back, the mother says.

they leave.

a little while later, i leave.

and of course
i pass the mother and her son, coming back.


study of tree bark : Melaleuca quinquenervia

working on the 5th painting in a 9 piece series

it’s supposed to be inspired by birch and it’s supposed to come off as birch, but i’m having a hard time getting the ‘thin fragile paper’ aspect of it right, especially considering there are no birch trees in my current environment


so i’ve taken to studying the trees that are around me at this moment in time.
this one is squishy paper bark. gooey scar tissue. chunks of rubber.

technically invasive


cajeput tree
paper bark
broadleaf paper bark
broadleaf teatree
paperbark teatree
bottlebrush tree


soft firm tempurpedic mattress
cuddle bubble

wet wood

swimming with cuts, dust
and bruises

i think of a time when it was everywhere
on my skin. even my hair. even other people’s eyes.

i don’t like language to be easy. i don’t like words to trip over themselves. over-complication makes us seem smart, but the art of building is actually very easy.

what’s hard is distillation. can you get down to the essence.

can you get down